Advantages of Roots Blower in Aquaculture Application

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-25 23:11
Fish, shrimp and crab all need to use oxygen enrichment equipment. Roots blower has a good effect in the application of aquaculture. The use of oxygenated Roots blower in aquaculture industry can solve the situation of hypoxia and floating head.
Why is roots blower used in aquaculture? Nowadays, there are more and more fish farming. From the social invention of fish pond aeration to help fish farming users solve the problem, some people may not know much about the roots blower in fish pond aeration, and do not know what help the roots blower in fish pond can get to the users of fish farming. Roots blower is an indispensable fishery machinery for fish farmers. The water quality can be improved by using roots blower. Oxygenated Roots blower not only supplies oxygen needed by fish, but also promotes the oxidation and decomposition of organic matter in the pond, promotes the convection between water and water, increases dissolved oxygen in the bottom layer, and reduces harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in the bottom layer. Improve the habitat of fish, improve physical fitness, enhance vitality, and promote production and yield. The improvement of water quality is more important than the bait environment. That's why fish (shrimp) should be raised first. Only when it is used accurately can it be guaranteed to play a greater role.
Brief Editor of Juhong and Introduce the Characteristics of Roots Blower for Oxygen Enhancement in Fishpond
1. Oxygen-enriched Roots blower in fish pond has a very high efficiency of oxygen mass transfer because of its large contact surface with water, low floating velocity and long contact time due to the bubbles generated by ultramicro-cell stomata of nano-aeration pipe.
2. Fully Activate Water Body: Micro-porous aeration aeration aeration aeration device seems to turn water body into billions of streams surging, sufficient dissolved oxygen makes water body able to establish a natural ecosystem and make water live.
3. Restoring the self-purification function of water body: Microporous aeration is bottom aeration, while other aeration is surface aeration, while aquaculture water body is mainly bottom anoxic. Fertilizer sludge, organic excreta, residual metamorphic bait and other refractory organic matter deposited in the bottom of water body will consume a lot of oxygen, while adequate microporous aeration will increase oxygen. It can be transformed into organic matter dissolved and decomposed by microorganisms, and the self-purification function of water body can be restored.
4. Oxygen mass transfer efficiency is very high by using micro-porous aeration aeration aeration device, which makes dissolved oxygen per unit of water rapidly reach 4.6 mg/L or less than a quarter of the energy consumption of water truck or impeller aeration, which can greatly save the electricity cost of farmers.
5. Realize the ecological aquaculture and guarantee the benefits of aquaculture: Continuous replenishment of microporous oxygen provides sufficient dissolved oxygen for the water body, the water self-purification ability can be restored and promoted, the natural balance of bacterial and algae phases can be built, the natural ecology of the water body can be constructed, the viability of the aquaculture population can not be improved disorderly, and the benefits of aquaculture can be fully guaranteed.
6. Safety and environmental protection: The micro-porous aeration aeration aeration aeration device installed on the shore has good safety function and will not bring any pollution to the water body. Other aeration methods are working in the water, easily leaking electricity, burning down the machine, which is very harmful to the human body and fish and shrimp.
7. Easy maintenance: Roots blower is light, durable, simple and convenient to maintain, energy-saving and environmental protection, good maintenance.