Working Pressure and Surrounding Environment of Vortex Pump

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-24 20:40
The swirl pump needs to be placed in a relatively stable place when it is operated. The surrounding environment used should be kept clean, dry and ventilated. The direction of rotation of the motor must be the same as the direction of arrow on the fan cover, and it can not be reversed. In the operation of high-pressure scroll air pump, the working pressure should not be marked on the rated pressure value, in order to avoid excessive heat generated by the pump and motor overload caused by damage to the pump.
Except for the two bearings at the rotor and impeller of the motor, there is no direct contact friction in other parts of the swirl air pump. There are two main types of bearing installation for swirl pump. A kind of bearing at the end of the air pump is installed in the pump body between the motor base and impeller. This kind of air pump usually does not need to add grease. The second type of bearing is installed in the middle of the pump cover. The bearing of this type of air pump end should be regularly greased (7018 high-speed grease). The number of refueling should be increased for three-shift continuous working air pumps. This kind of air pump motor fan end bearing maintenance according to a class of air pump.
The filters and mufflers at the inlet and outlet ends of the swirl pump should be cleaned timely according to the situation, so as to avoid blockage affecting the use. The outer connection of the inlet and outlet of the scroll air pump must adopt hose connection (such as rubber tube and plastic spring tube).
Swirl air pump bearing replacement: The replacement of bearing must be operated by someone familiar with repair work. First loosen the screw on the pump cover, then dismantle the parts one by one in diagonal order. The dismantled parts should be cleaned, and then assembled in reverse order.
When disassembling, the impeller should not be pried hard. Special Ramallah should be used to pull out the impeller. At the same time, the adjusting gasket should not be omitted so as to avoid affecting the clearance that has been adjusted when leaving the factory. High-pressure scroll gas pump strictly prohibits solid, liquid and corrosive gas from entering the pump body.