How many aeration plates can the 4KW side channel blower carry

2022-08-10 10:34
side channel blower can be used in aquaculture aeration, for pond oxygenation,
In the customer consultation we met today, a user asked us how large area of fish pond can be supplied by 4KW high-pressure fan? So with that in mind, let's talk about this problem.
In fact, if the customer asks like this, it is difficult to give an accurate data. In addition to the depth of water, it is also necessary to see the specific model of the high-pressure fan, because the 4kW fan has a good model.

side channel blower
The following is a single impeller 4KW side channel blower, for example, the caliber is 2 inches, can be connected to 63 directors,
If the water depth is about 1 meter, a 4KW high-pressure fan can supply about 15 mu of fish pond.
If the water depth is about 2 meters, you can take an area of about 10 acres.
side channel blower
If it is Roots fan, such as the CSR65 model host, but the host with the number of air disk is only about 60, can not meet the needs of users,
Later, after some communication, we used CSR80 with 4KW, and increased the model of the main engine, which will also increase the exhaust volume. The exhaust volume range of model 65 is about 2 sides.
The exhaust range of the 80 model is about 4 square, which can take about 90 air discs.
When matching the fan, try to choose according to the actual situation of the user. It is not good to judge whether the power of a motor can meet the needs of the work.
Therefore, it is also recommended that users should know more about the fan when they choose it to avoid the situation of wrong selection.
side channel blower
In pond culture, the power of the motor changes with the change of air volume and pressure. If the depth of the pond is deep, the power of the motor needs to be increased to normally exhaust air.
If the pool water is more expensive, then choosing some fans with low relative pressure can meet the demand.

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