What does air knife blower insulation grade F represent

2022-08-10 10:37
In the parameter label of the air knife blower, there is a column that says the insulation grade: F grade. Many customers do not understand what it means. What is the impact on the fan? Is it good or bad? Through this article to understand it:
The insulation grade refers to the heat resistance grade of the insulation material used in the winding of the high voltage fan motor part. The motor insulation material grade of air knife blower can be divided into five kinds, namely A, E, B, F and H. Each insulation class material has a corresponding limit allowable operating temperature, and the air knife blower here F class can withstand the maximum temperature is 155℃, the performance reference temperature is 120℃.
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If close, there is a risk of accelerated aging or burning of insulation. More than this value will burn, so if it is used in a high temperature environment, need to use high temperature and high pressure blower. Ordinary is not good, in this condition is very easy to burn, the motor is burned out, the front pump body because of high temperature baking and lead to yellow color.
High voltage extension insulation class

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So, when we were in the use of air knife blower, it is important to note that the operating temperature of the observation under his, need to make sure that the fan running in normal scope, from line configuration, the pressure relief valve are about the use of this respect, if a use line is unreasonable, can cause too much electricity, thus indirectly lead to air knife blower temperature rise is too big, we usually recommend customer configuration line, The diameter should be the same as the size of the fan, and the diameter cross-sectional area of the end should not be less than half of the fan cross-sectional area.
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There are a lot of customers when they ask us the price, always say that it is expensive, not as cheap as others, because this is determined by the manufacturing cost, so we can not blindly buy cheap when we buy air knife blowers. There are a lot of manufacturers of fan although the appearance of the same, but the internal structure, material situation these are internal things, on the surface is not visible, which is the main reason for the high and low fan price, uneven. Fan with a good quality of material is very good, in the process of use, and can avoid large extent fan motor burn out, make the equipment can run longer, in the long term is very worth to consider, also save worry, said there is a cheaper when you buy something is happy, not a day when you use is happy.

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