Suction and loading manual air blower

2022-08-10 11:19
The suction fan adopts the vacuum transmission mode, and uses the negative pressure generated by the manual air blower to transport the material from one place to another place through the pipeline. The whole conveying process is completely completed in a closed state.
Eliminate dust pollution and injury to the working environment, surrounding environment and operators, applicable to pharmaceutical, food, chemical, battery and other industries.
Suction fan is an advanced material handling machine. The machine is compact and flexible, fast and convenient to assemble, and can be used for single pressing, single suction, or mixed use of suction and pressure.
Can be horizontal, inclined and vertical transmission, such as rice, wheat, rice, corn, corn, barley malt, plastic and resin and other granular materials, applicable to the grain, farm, station, wharf, grain and oil processing and brewing industry in storage or in the process of production of bulk, bulk transport, discharge, turn over the storehouse, pour pile, the modernization of warehouse, warehouse etc.
manual air blower
manual air blower features:
1, easy to install: the manual air blower is fully equipped, can be installed and used at any time, for compressed air or for vacuum, can also be installed in the horizontal plane or vertical direction.
2, no oil and no pollution: when the impeller is rotating, it does not contact with any other parts, no lubrication, so it can ensure that the fan is pollution-free.
3, strong reliability: compared with other brands, Xinke manual air blower is unique in the range of high pressure, so when the use changes, the machine can still operate safely: B: in addition to the impeller, the high pressure blower has no other action, so the reliability is high, almost maintenance free!
4, low noise: low noise motor direct transmission, coupled with integrated silencing measures. Therefore, the noise is extremely low:
5, high quality: high precision processing, testing equipment and technology, so that all parts can meet the Z high quality requirements, the use of standard IP55, F class and H class insulation efficient motor, few faults,
6, there is a bearing separation between the motor and the blower to prevent foreign bodies from entering. In order to ensure the quality of the fan, each fan has been strictly tested before leaving the factory: the suction manual air blower is widely used in the delivery of raw materials for injection molding, which can be automatically fed to the injection molding machine.
manual air blower
When there is no material in the bucket of injection molding machine, it will give a signal to the suction fan. The suction fan uses the principle of ventilation to transport the plastic raw materials to the bucket of the injection molding machine. When the material reaches a certain level, the suction air will stop, and the material will be transported again when the material is not enough.

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