Application of aeration blower for river control

2022-08-10 10:40
River treatment technology is to use micropore aeration to oxygenate. According to the characteristics of aerobic microorganisms, the micropore aeration head or aeration pipe is placed in the river.
The dissolved oxygen in water is increased continuously, thus promoting the propagation of a large number of aerobic microorganisms and the oxidation of river bottom sludge, and finally realizing the effective treatment of urban water environment.
Today, with the development of industry, sewage and industrial wastewater are discharged into the river, which leads to the phenomenon of black and smelly water quality in the urban river.

aeration blower
These two phenomena are the common and important pollution sources that cause black and smelly river courses. Lead to a sharp increase in water nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients, under the action of anaerobic bacteria, the breeding of malodorous substances.
Aquatic life can not survive, not only bring great damage to the urban environment, but also cause serious imbalance of urban river ecosystem.
The principle of river treatment technology and aeration reoxygenation method is that the REDOX reaction occurs between dissolved oxygen entering the water body and black and odorous substances (H2S, FeS and other reducing substances).
For the black and smelly rivers in the state of anoxia for a long time, it usually takes a long time to restore the water ecosystem to the normal state, and the water body aeration reoxygenation is helpful to accelerate this process.
The good effect of aeration reoxygenation on the elimination of black and odor in water body has been confirmed by some laboratory tests and river aeration pilot tests in China.
In the river control system, aeration reoxygenation has the characteristics of good effect, relatively low investment and operating cost, and has become a frequently used method in our small and medium-sized river pollution control.
Traditional river management often chooses ordinary Roots blower or vortex high pressure blower in the selection of aeration equipment, but to build a wind room, it is necessary to check and maintain frequently as well as high noise sources.

aeration blower
So in the treatment of river at the same time can not take into account the long-term cost, now the company's blower is very good resolute this contradiction,
1. Easy installation, no need for equipment room, saving space and cost
2. No noise, no noise pollution
3. Low maintenance cost, no need to change the oil, 85% savings compared with ordinary Roots fan
4. Service life of up to 15 years.

aeration blower
Towns are "born because of water and thrive because of water". It is of great significance to strengthen the water blower to control the black and smelly river in towns, maintain the ecological environment of towns, beautify the landscape of towns and improve the living environment of people.
The pursuit of green life is not only for health, but also has become a fashion.

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