Problems needing attention in the dismantling process of hot air blower

2022-08-10 10:26
Specific steps and disassembly, disassembly tutorial, reference: "hot air blower Disassembly tutorial"
In the process of dismantling, pay attention to the disassembly sequence, pay attention to arrange the parts and components, in order to know when installation order, and not forget to install a few small parts, in addition, removing or installing must be secure, don't force teardown cause unnecessary trouble, after installed fan to choose electricity experiment, there is no problem to use again.
hot air blower
What is innovation? Innovation is "something out of nothing, something new, innovation and improvement". So for the small fan, there are some curious people, always want to improve one of the details. But this kind of people are often experts. For this kind of people, in fact, it is a genius. This kind of genius should be more open to small fans, because only by constantly opening the test can we further improve the small fans. So these are people who we encourage to take apart small hot air blowers.
However, there is a certain type of person, don't even know the knowledge of the small fan itself, but with curiosity, to take a small fan unprofessional way apart, even some people, because of the curiosity to open small fan, there are still not back, therefore, if you don't understand the professional knowledge of small fan, suggest don't use your personality to challenge.
hot air blower
Moreover, if because of their own professional, they are always ignorant of the active, the small fan after disassembly, hard installed, even if it is wrong to install, when the boot, because the power line and other aspects of the problem exists, then it is bound to immediately produce serious consequences, that is, eat too much to go around. Of course, active is good, if active at the same time, learn more knowledge of small fans, and ensure that they can be installed back to the original state, can be opened, of course, the author suggests not to randomly dismantle, otherwise the consequences are at your own risk.

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