Key points of selection of high pressure blower

2022-08-10 10:25
When choose air blower compressor, want to choose a suitable model, not only can save energy consumption, more work can get twice the result with half the effort, also can reduce the input and output of more than money, so how do you determine the type of fan, and how to give we choose a suitable air blower compressor, so in the process of selection, main parameters which data?
air blower compressor
1, use
Which industry is it mainly used in, or what kind of equipment is it used in, is it used for the suction or blowing of high pressure fans, or for the aquaculture industry, sewage aeration, equipment supporting, etc., and what is the specific use plan or overall operation principle?
Vortex fan selection parameters are the main points
air blower compressor
2. Voltage and power
Is the three-phase 380V voltage needed, or the 220V voltage of household electricity needed, and the approximate power needed is between the range, in order to narrow the range of choosing the high-pressure fan model. At present, the power of household electricity is 2.2kW, and the power of three-phase electricity is 25KW. The low power is 370W.
3, air volume
The air volume of air blower compressor is one of the important selection basis in the selection of fan parameter model, because this kind of fan model is numerous, there are hundreds of specifications, the air volume given is a large flow value or flow under the operating condition, should be clear in the selection or consultation. Avoid errors in the selected models, because the flow will be compressed and reduced after the high-pressure flat fan generates pressure. Refer to: Relationship between flow and pressure of high-pressure fan
Vortex fan selection parameters are the main points
4, positive pressure or negative pressure
Please give the pressure value when choosing, is it positive pressure value or negative pressure value, because the positive pressure and negative pressure of each model are different.
According to the above fan selection rules, the high-pressure blower models selected are basically no problem.

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