Explosion-proof air blower, explosion-proof grade in detail

2022-08-10 10:29
Explosion-proof air blower is mainly used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, coal industry, etc., is used for the transportation of flammable and explosive gas or flammable environment.
The pump head is made of aluminum alloy, with special explosion-proof motor and connection seal plate, reprocessing and reassembly, with high safety factor, strong performance and other characteristics.
Usually, the grade of explosion-proof air blower is ExdIIBT4, which is a commonly used model, and ExdIICT4 is also used.

air blower
For the explosion-proof grade, the subdivision is as follows:
They are divided into three categories:
Class ⅰ : underground coal mine electrical equipment;
Class ⅱ : Electrical equipment for all other explosive gas environment except coal mine and underground mine.
Class ⅱ can be divided into class ⅱA, ⅱB, ⅱC, marking ⅱB equipment can be suitable for the use of ⅱA equipment conditions; ⅱC is suitable for ⅱA, ⅱB service conditions.
Class ⅲ : Electrical equipment for explosive dust environment except coal mine.
Class ⅲA: combustible flying catkins; Class ⅲB: non-conductive dust; Class ⅲC: electrically conductive dust.
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High surface temperature: The high temperature reached by any part of an electrical equipment that may cause the ignition of the surrounding explosive environment when the electrical equipment is operating under adverse operating conditions within a specified range. The high surface temperature should be lower than the combustible temperature.
For example: explosion-proof sensor environment of explosive gas ignition temperature is 100℃, then the sensor in bad working condition, the high surface temperature of any part should be less than 100℃.
Temperature classes
Electrical equipment used in explosive environments is classified into T1-T6 groups according to its high surface temperature

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