Industrial vacuum cleaner special compressed air blower case

2022-08-10 10:22
Industrial dust collection for compressed air blower like household dust collection equipment principle, only high pressure vacuum suction fan is higher, more traffic, reference: fan flow rate and pressure, the relationship between the general scrap iron, welding slag, such as metal adsorption, small metal objects can also be, form a complete set of vacuum fan price is not expensive, suitable for industrial dust, dust workshop dust removal, welding machine room, etc.Aspiration for temperature control of compressed air blowercompressed air blower show that sells on the market of fan are extreme temperature, high pressure vacuum generally high temperature is not higher than one hundred and forty to one hundred and fifty degrees Celsius, otherwise could seize the motor may be, beyond this range will be dangerous hidden danger, the fan will become unstable, reference temperature, high pressure blower So today we are going to discuss the temperature control of the fan supporting the vacuum cleaner.
Because of the high pressure blower run mainly by motor directly drives the impeller rotation, the pump body place, have bearing, vacuuming dedicated high-pressure blower bearing has good and bad, we use imported bearing the clarks, using high temperature should not exceed 140 degrees Celsius, and fan motor parts of not more than 80 degrees, keep to within the normal range, If the fan supporting the vacuum cleaner exceeds the rated temperature, you can choose a large type and large power fan to replace it, so that the temperature can be well solved. Therefore, each part of the use of compressed air blower has its use temperature limit, in normal use in accordance with this temperature control standard to make good use of the machine, improve work efficiency, prolong service life and so on.
compressed air blower
In fact, in addition to the temperature, the special high-pressure fan for vacuuming also has a certain pressure control. It has been marked in the manual or sample book. You must read carefully when you buy it. This pressure has a certain relationship with temperature rise. The higher the pressure, the higher the temperature rise. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the normal operation of the internal parts of the fan.
Aspiration for compressed air blower should not be installed in a sealed environment, facilitate better use of and heat dissipation effect, high pressure suction fan and other equipment are there is rain, prevent bask in, corrosion problems, these problems if not solved, then use effect and service life of the fan model will have certain influence, There are vacuum cleaner supporting fan must be installed in the outdoor, such as the rainwater prevention of roof blower is to attract the attention of users, high pressure blower installation matters

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