Where can air blower fans be used

2022-08-10 10:20
There are many kinds of, the purpose of the air blower fans, so to speak, as long as it is used in high pressure gas or suction devices can use it, compared with the ordinary fan, its pressure is higher, is other fan can not meet the pressure value, can be perfectly used in all walks of life, at present, in addition to meet the domestic market, more than half of the high pressure fan, By air, sea and land export to all countries in the world, bringing great convenience to people's production. Then high-pressure blower can be used in what industry or what line of equipment? Here are some examples:
air blower fans
Often applied to the industry will not be introduced, enumerate some new industry air pump use.
1, the pharmaceutical industry gas or liquid analysis instrument, the use of high-pressure blower suction to convert the gas into another container for testing sample analysis, liquid analysis principle is the same;
2, laboratory or reaction kettle with aeration equipment, the use of high-pressure fan air out of aeration tumbling, and the laboratory has many uses;
3. In the breeding industry, livestock manure fermentation requires the use of high-pressure blowers to transmit gas to the fermentation room, so that it can produce chemical reactions and facilitate recycling;
4, drying device, the use of fan blowing, the hot air is transported to the drying device, so that the temperature rises rapidly for high temperature drying;
air blower fans
5. Snow blowing on the top of the greenhouse in winter, using the high pressure of the high-pressure fan to blow off the snow cover falling on the top of the greenhouse, to protect the greenhouse from collapse and plants in the shed;
6. The installation of floor heating pipeline, because there is heating wire inside the floor heating pipeline, it needs to be worn to each pipe member, and the suction or air outlet of the high-pressure fan can be used to transmit the heating wire to the pipeline;

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