Single-phase 220v side channel blower

2022-08-15 15:58
Single-phase 220V side channel blower has single impeller and double impeller, the power is up to 2.2KW, less than 400W, in this power range, there are dozens of fans for us to choose to use.
The maximum flow rate ranges from 80 cubic meters per hour to 318 cubic meters per hour. For specific parameters, please click: Parameters of single-phase high-pressure fan.
The main characteristics of the single-phase fan are convenient connection, easy to use, and convenient handling, because the power is not large, the weight is relatively light, a person can easily carry, the height is not more than 35 kg.
Convenient wiring, the use of three plugs, a wire connection, a wire connection, pay attention to connect the ground wire, zero wire is not distinguishable, can be casually connected, and then on the power can be used for operation.
In the case of unfixed, even if it is randomly placed on the ground, it can be started safely without vibration, which is very convenient.
There are two styles of single and double impeller, single impeller pressure is low, high in about 20kpa. Double impeller pressure is high, high in more than 30 kpa, as needed to choose.
Single-phase side channel blower is usually purchased by individual users. In addition to the motor wiring power supply is not the same, the other parts are not different from the three-phase power, especially the front pump head, which is exactly the same.
At the start, the speed of the single-phase fan is from low to fast, until to 2850 RPM, the three phase is instantaneous start and 2850 RPM, after running up, and the three phase electricity is no difference.
As for the price, because the single-phase motor has more capacitors, and the internal coil needs long working time, the number of points wound, and the material made is also more, so in general, the cost is slightly more expensive than the three-phase, the greater the power, the more obvious the difference.

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