What is Muffler

2019-12-16 15:34

What is Muffler

Muffler is a device that allows airflow to pass, but can prevent or reduce sound propagation, and is an important measure to eliminate aerodynamic noise. The muffler can block the propagation of sound waves, allowing airflow to pass through, is an effective tool to control noise.

There are many kinds of muffler, but it can be divided into six kinds of main types, namely, resistive muffler, resistance muffler, impedance compound muffler, micro-perforated plate muffler, small hole muffler and active muffler.

Muffler Product Features

1, the muffler is mainly composed of the muffler barrel, the silencer piece, the upper and lower sealing plate (or head), the cap, the throttle tube, the throttle plate, the connecting pipe (or flange), the bearing, the lifting rings, the nameplate etc.

2, has the advantages of easy installation, good noise effect, long life and so on.

3, the muffler can be independently supported, in operation and shutdown can be free to expand, so that the exhaust pipe is not due to the installation of the muffler under additional load, to ensure the safety and reliability of exhaust piping work.

4, according to the design or user requirements, the use of special active connection device.

5, the muffler material using high-quality carbon steel or high-quality stainless steel and other materials manufacturing, has enough heat-resistant strength and corrosion resistance, so that the equipment durable.


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