Cause analysis of blower vibration

2019-12-26 16:31

Cause analysis of blower vibration 

The coupling between the blower and the motor is transmitted by linking, movement and torque. The wrong is the most common fan fault, fan fault 60% is related to the wrong.
The misalignment of the blower is the inclination or offset of the axial line of the two rotors of the fan and the motor to the center of the bearing. The rotor of the blower can be divided into the shaft coupling misalignment and the bearings are incorrect.
After the failure of the fan rotor system, a series of adverse dynamic effects on the equipment operation will be produced in the rotating process, which causes the deflection of the coupling, the abrasion of the bearing, the stable deformation of the oil film and the deflection of the shaft, etc.
Not only make the rotor shaft neck and bearing in the position of the working state and the bearing changes, but also reduce the inherent frequency of shafting, the rotor force and bearing the additional force caused by the abnormal vibration of the fan and the early damage of bearings, great harm. For the non-fault of the fan, can be solved by laser to the instrument, convenient and fast.

Summarize the phenomena and causes of fan faults, and have its regularity to follow, fan faults according to their causes and classification, there are the following:

1. Design reasons:

Improper design, poor dynamic characteristics, forced vibrations or self-excited vibrations at run time

Unreasonable structure, stress concentration

Design working speed approaching or falling into critical rotational speed zone

The calculation of thermal expansion is not allowed, resulting in bad heat-state

2. Cause of manufacture:

Defective parts manufacturing, insufficient precision

Defective parts material, insufficient strength, manufacturing defects

Rotor dynamic balancing does not meet technical requirements

3, installation, maintenance reasons:

Improper mechanical installation, parts dislocation, preload large

Shaft system to poor middle

Improper adjustment of machine geometry parameters such as coordination clearance, surplus and relative position


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