How to use Dereike side channel blower securely?

2021-07-16 16:05
How to use Dereike side channel blower securely
Due to the needs of work, side channel blower and other equipment began to be introduced into people's work and production. The introduction of side channel blower can solve more problems for people's work. We can know that the use of this equipment can also bring great convenience to people's work.
At the same time, we should also pay attention to what is the operation specification of the equipment? The correct operation method is always particularly important for our use, because the correct operation and use of the equipment can prolong the service life of the blower itself as much as possible, and it can not be ignored in considering the safety of the operators Correct operation can reduce our accidents and ensure the personal safety of operators. The following small series to introduce to you the side channel blowe safety operation specification key points, what need to pay attention to.
1. Turn the side channel blowe by hand, which should be flexible and free of abnormal sound;
2. Start the blower and check whether the three-phase current is balanced, and the current shall not exceed the rated current of the motor;
3. After the blower is turned on, observe the motor operation and make the following checks:
(1) Whether the motor vibrates, whether the screw is loose and whether the ground wire is in good condition;
(2) Turn off the indicator light and turn the current commutation switch to the stop position;
(3) There should be enough lubricating oil in the bearing seat;
(4) Whether there is abnormal sound of motor and casing;
(5) After shutdown, check whether there are friction marks between the motor and the casing (box sweeping phenomenon);
(6) After the blower runs for a few minutes, slowly release the air door and observe the air pressure. The air pressure should be controlled within the specified range, generally about 7cm (water pressure);
(7) The operators shall strictly implement the shift handover system and record the safe operation of the equipment.

In the process of using side channel blower, we also need to pay attention to the following:
1. Working environment: a suitable voltage environment and a suitable external environment are needed to maintain the stable working state of the high-pressure blower itself!
2. Identify the function and function of the button of the product itself: when working, we need to distinguish the button function of the device, and then distinguish these functions. This is very beneficial to theblower.
How to use side channel blower correctly is very important in work. Not only improve work efficiency, but also avoid many problems of colleagues to complete more smoothly

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