Dereike New Products-Front Bearing Type Air Blower Introduction

2021-07-02 10:43
Dereike New Products-Front Bearing Type Air Blower Introduction

1. The bearing is in direct contact with the inhaled working gas in the cavity, which is more vulnerable to damaged due to the influence of high temperature gas, corrosive gas and dust.
2. Bearing replacement is complex and troublesome.

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Design points
1.The bearing in the pump chamber moves to the outside of the pump cover and is isolated from the compressed gas.
2.The bearing and the compression chamber are separated by an isolation plate with oil seal to prevent corrosive gas and foreign matters from entering the bearing and heat transfer to the bearing.

a. The bearing is not subject to the high temperature generated by the compreesed gas and temperature rises.
b. The bearing will not be interfered by corrosive gas, impurities and foreign matters inhaled, so that the bearing life is improved.
c: This fan can be used in high temperature, corrosive gas, dust, humid gas and other special industries, more durable than ordinary fan.
d. When replacing the front bearing of this fan, it is not necessary to remove the pump cover, just remove the small end cover at the front end of the pump cover, which is convenient to replace the bearing, simple to maintain and safe.
e. The cavity can be opened to convection with air, so the heat dissipation effect is better.

Bearing replacement is simple, no need to remove the pump cover, no need to contact the impeller, safe and convenient.

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