Application characteristics of Dereike side channel blower in aeration process of water treatment

2021-09-16 09:45

Application characteristics of Dereike side channel blower
in aeration process of water treatment

Dereike Water treatment side channel blower


●The pressure is high (up to 100KPA), and most applications are treatment tanks below 5.5m water depth.
There is no need to use the highest pressure Dereike side channel blower, which can meet the requirements of all aeration equipment / site;
DHBT series is generally used in underground water treatment;
Small size, light weight, Shockproof foot base design, without special manufacturing and installation foundation;
It can operate continuously for 24 hours;
Maintenance free design, without additional daily maintenance, greatly saves maintenance costs
and reduces possible downtime 
No oil, no pollution, no need to add oil and replace the drive belt;
Using common pipes and direct pipe layout, two or three people can complete the pipe laying work, or even one person
It can be installed quickly, which greatly improves the installation efficiency of the aeration system;
Compared with roots blower, the noise is low. With silencer, the noise is lower! It can meet the requirements of indoor noise;
ADC12 material is used for integral die casting, which has strong weather resistance and is suitable for outdoor working environment,
Without special protection, only a rain shield (electrical junction box part) is required;
Decentralized multi-point arrangement can comprehensively reduce the pressure loss caused by the pipeline
and improve the mixing and aeration efficiency;
Matrix power arrangement, combined with PLC control, on / off or implementation anytime and anywhere as required
Frequency conversion control, automatic energy-saving operation, upgrading the level of the whole aeration industry



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