A brief introduction to the Dereike fan

2022-08-26 15:37
As a necessary machine for industrial production, The Side Channel Blower, also known as The Regenerative Blower, has been widely used in our daily life. However, such an important link is often forgotten, let alone how it works.
Next, we will briefly introduce its operating principle through this article.

Working principle of Side Channel Blower (Regenerative Blower) 
The Blower is a machine that uses air pressure differences to draw in, compress, and expel air. The structure of a blower is usually composed of impeller, inlet gate, frame, transmission housing, coupling or pulley, motor and so on.
When powered on, air enters the machine through a channel on the left side of the blower. When the air enters the side channel, it will be compressed by the rotation of the impeller. The rotating impeller gives the gas velocity in the direction of rotation. At the same time, the centrifugal force on the blades accelerates the gas outward and increases the pressure.
The air between the impeller blades after countless times of rotation compression, spiral rotation, the kinetic energy of the gas increases, driving the gas pressure along the side channel to further rise, until the air is discharged through the blower outlet.
The impeller is directly mounted on the rotor of the motor to achieve complete contact free compression. When the impeller starts to turn, there is pressure in the fuselage, but the blower's unique design does not reverse the flow of air.
This means that regenerative blowers can be used to blow air or draw air with positive pressure, and can also be used to draw positive or negative pressure (vacuum) air.
The importance of Side Channel Blowers
Side Channel Blowers are known for their versatile properties. This small machine can be used for different activities, such as delivering fluids, laser printing, pneumatic conveying or providing appropriate energy to a wastewater treatment plant. The simple design and contactless configuration of our Side Channel Blower make it affordable and safe.
Energy Saving - Modern Side Channel Blowers were developed using an integrated drive mounted on an electric motor. This configuration provides sufficient space for the adjustment of the blower. Moreover, as an energy-saving device, the driver can save a lot of energy by controlling the blower for the user.
Suitable for all environments - Side Channel Blowers can be used in all types of environments, even in potentially explosive environments.
Silent operation - Side Channel blowers work through the rotation of an electric motor. It comes with a silencer that can be adjusted in the outlet section. With the help of a silencer, the pumping process is smooth and does not produce any noise pollution.
No Waste -Side Channel Blower can save a lot of time and energy, and effectively simplify the pumping process.
Oil free compression - With the help of this machine, you can get clean pollution-free air. At the same time, the constant and intense rotation of the fan generates a lot of heat, which can also be used in the drying process.
Side Channel Blowers are an important part of machinery in many types of industries; Therefore, it is very helpful to understand their functions and applications. If you have any questions about the blower, please contact Dereike. Dereike, a professional blower manufacturer with many years of experience, can provide you not only professional service, but also provide you with high quality blowers which can replace Gardnerdenver.

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