Application of Side Channel Blowers to electroplating industry

2022-08-30 15:35

Electroplating and its working principle

Is using the principle of electrolytic plating on some metal surface on a thin layer of other metal or alloy plating process, is the use of electrolytic action made of metal or other materials adhered on the surface of the parts of a layer of metal film technique to prevent metal oxidation (rust), improve the wear resistance and electric conductivity, reflective resistance, corrosion resistance, copper sulfate, etc.) and create beautiful etc.

During electroplating, the coating metal or other insoluble material as the anode, the workpiece to be plated as the cathode, the cation of the coating metal on the surface of the workpiece to be plated is reduced to form a coating. In order to eliminate the interference of other cations, and make the coating uniform, firm, need to use the solution containing the coating metal cation electroplating solution, in order to keep the concentration of the coating metal cation unchanged. The purpose of electroplating is to plating a metal coating on the substrate and change the surface properties or dimensions of the substrate. Electroplating can enhance THE corrosion resistance of metal (coating metal is mostly corrosion resistant metal), increase hardness, prevent wear, improve electrical conductivity, smoothness, heat resistance and surface appearance.


Application of Side Channel Blowers to electroplating industry


In the electroplating process, the metal solution needs to form a uniform, dense, good adhesion metal layer on the surface of the object. Therefore, it is important to stir the metal solution thoroughly. If the side Channel blowers does not have enough power, the metal solution will deposit on the bottom of the tank, resulting in uneven plating of the product. The main role of side Channel blowers in the electroplating industry is to provide long-term steady wind power to electroplating solutions to ensure uniform coating. Blower is mainly used for continuous plating and hanging plating to speed up the production process and improve product quality, but rarely used for roll plating.

Dereike Side Channel Blowers can be used for air stirring and have replaced various air compressors and other high-pressure air delivery equipment in thousands of metal processing lines. Provide clean, oil-free, stable air to achieve reliable and energy saving plating solution air stirring. In addition, the installation of Dereike Side Channel Blowers reduces operating costs by improving plating quality, increasing productivity, and enabling continuous plating.


· Improve plating quality

By air stirring to keep the solution concentration uniform, prevent the separation of chemicals in the solution, so as to improve the plating quality. Dereike Side Channel Blower can prevent excessive collection and ensure uniform contact between the workpiece and the plating solution by removing dirt particles and dissolved grease from the plating tank. In addition, the air stirring blower will keep the solution fresh and minimize the solution changes needed to stabilize the airflow.

· Increase productivity

The Dereike Side Channel Blower creates low pressure air that can effectively remove the cathode film by high-speed plating, thereby reducing polarization. Polarization is the increase of electrode resistance caused by the chemical reaction of metal surface treatment, which will lead to the rapid slowing down of the electrolytic reaction needed in the production process and affect the production efficiency. The Dereike Side Channel Blower can also improve the efficiency of rinsing and reduce the amount of water required for rinsing to meet the needs of the plant waste treatment system.


In short, the application of Side Channel Blower in the electroplating industry is essential. It is wise to choose quality blowers for effective plating. After 15 years of exploration by a professional services team, Dereike Side Channel Blowers is embedded with advanced technology that has been able to meet the diverse needs of its users.


Attached is a video of Dereike's application in metal drying


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