Blower Working Principle

2022-08-24 14:50

Today, blowers used for different purposes in many different industries provide air flow according to the required conditions. The blower equipment used to provide the required air for the environment or process or to vacuum from the environment is classified into different models according to certain parameters. Although it appears to be the same as a fan under normal conditions, a blower is used to deliver air at a higher flow rate.

Although all blower models operate on the same principle, there are some subtle differences. Side Channel blowers are the most widely used blower products on the market today. They provide air movement through an impeller directly connected to the motor shaft. In a centrifugal side-channel blower, when the engine is started, ambient air is drawn from the suction section and pressurized and directed to the outlet area. Parameters such as blade number and shape, propeller diameter, motor speed, and discharge pressure that must be provided directly affect airflow.


In the Roots blower model, the most important difference is that the rotating blades in the fuselage are not directly connected to the motor shaft, but are externally connected via the belt pulley principle. Therefore, the motor or blade can be changed independently according to some criteria. The use of Roots blower products can achieve higher air flow and more compressed air production. If the amount of air required by the process and the required discharge pressure are high, the use of Roots blowers will be a better choice.

Characteristics of the Side Channel Blower


Regardless of the field of application, the Side Channel Blower and the specific conditions under which all equipment is selected should be examined and provided. Some of the advantages of Side Channel Blower are listed as follows:


• Quiet operation; The noise level is within the standard limits.

• Simple and compact design.

• High efficiency and ability to work in harsh conditions without degrading performance.

• Provide oil-free air.

• Long maintenance interval; Low maintenance cost


When selecting a blower, it is important to determine some parameters in advance for stable, efficient and healthy applications. In addition to the required characteristics such as air volume, temperature and pressure, the characteristics of the operating environment of the fan also need to be considered. The characteristics of the medium directly affect the choice of material and type of the main body, propeller, accessories and other parts of the blower device.


Where is the blower used?


All blower models, especially Side Channel blower and Roots blower, have a wide range of applications. Blowers are needed in many different areas, from cleaning to health, agriculture and animal processing to plastics, food to water treatment systems. Some typical applications that use these devices include:


• Car wash system

• Jacuzzi and spa treatments

• Machines for printing, steam ironing, etc.

• Mineral processing and methane gas aeration

• Agricultural and animal processing practices such as pesticide application, milking, aquaculture

• Chemical surface treatment

• respirator

• Food transportation by air compressor

• Aeration in water treatment


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