Dereike side channel blower filter

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-25 21:35
side channel blower accessories are divided into vacuum filters, filters, silencers, pressure relief valves, and elbow joints. These accessories play a relatively important role in the operation of high-pressure side channel blowers, which can be well matched with machine cooling and Pressure control.
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1. The vacuum filter is usually made of stainless steel Teflon. It is also a relatively safe accessory. It can effectively filter impurities and protect the side channel blower.
2. The silencer is a component that can reduce the noise during the operation of the high-pressure side channel blower. Usually a silencer can reduce the noise by 5 decibels.
3. The pressure relief valve is installed in the pipeline. It can control the pressure generated by the wind in the pipeline. It is suitable for being installed at the air outlet and controlling the valve by rotation.
4. The elbow acts as a split, usually a high pressure blower can act on multiple pipes simultaneously. Such as sewage aeration.