double stage side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-24 21:45
As everyone knows,
The use of double stage side channel blower is very extensive.
 But why is it so wide?
This will give you a detailed analysis of the function and structure of the high pressure blower.
First of all, the double stage side channel blower has a dual function
   Suction and air supply.
This is a feature not possible with other ventilation equipment.
    In these two processes, the high pressure fan does not require a lot of lubricant.
That is, a small amount of lubricating oil can make it operate efficiently.
A typical application in suction is to use suction and dust removal in the factory;
In the case of air supply, it is typical to provide support in fish ponds.
Secondly, the pressure of the double stage side channel blower is extremely high.
double stage side channel blower, as the name implies, are relatively high pressures compared to other wind turbines, and their pressure is several dozen times higher than that of centrifugal fans, which determines their advantages in places where high-pressure ventilation equipment is required.
For example, the labeling bottle in the filling equipment is dried. The machine is also composed of a high-pressure blower, which needs to be installed on the bottle line. The bottle first blows away the water droplets through the high-pressure blower wind, and dries and synchronizes to improve efficiency. . No air volume heater equipment is required.
Finally, the double stage side channel blower is simple to install and simple in construction.
Since the double stage side channel blower is integrally die-cast and uses a shock-proof mounting foot, the installation basic requirements of the double stage side channel blower are not high. Generally speaking, the normal operation does not need to fix the foot, the operation is simple and convenient, the installation cost is saved, and the installation time is shortened. The structure of the high-pressure fan is relatively simple, and two bearings can be used for loss. The long warranty period and low maintenance allow users to reduce maintenance costs. In addition to the bearing, it does not come into contact with other mechanical parts, so the mechanical wear is relatively small, ensuring the longevity of its service life.
To sum up in one sentence is:
double stage side channel blower have features that are not possible with general ventilation and are convenient and durable.
Isn't this the initial heart of our choice of equipment?