Energy saving side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-25 21:32
side channel blower
side channel blower is a kind of mechanical equipment which can be used in common use. Reasonable utilization can improve work efficiency. When choosing this kind of mechanical equipment, it is the premise to choose the environmental protection type fan. Secondly, it is necessary to master how to operate so as to better improve the working efficiency and service life. When the equipment is running, it will consume current. If the current is too large, the contactor will trip.
In order to save energy better, when using high-pressure fan, it is necessary to increase the sectional area of the air outlet as much as possible, and adjust the air pressure and air volume. Appropriate filters can also be installed at the air supply inlet. A muffler is installed at the air suction outlet to reduce the noise of the equipment in operation and reduce the noise of the equipment, so the power consumption can be reduced to a large extent.
Sometimes, when there are too many sundries in the high-pressure fan, it will also affect the use of the equipment. Pay attention to the cleaning of the filter frequently. After it is cleaned, the pressure in the operation of the equipment can be reduced to a large extent, which has a good energy-saving effect.
When using the high-pressure fan, as long as the above problems are noted, it can be used for the equipment well, while reducing the energy consumption of the equipment, it can also improve the production efficiency, for the side channel blower, it can also improve the development speed of the enterprise and reduce the operation cost.