Principle of Dereike Ring Blower in Recirculating Aquaculture System

2022-03-10 14:49
Aquaculture in fresh water as well as salt water is highly dependent on the location. It is only possible to produce the types of fish which are adapted to the natural water quality and temperature at the location.

Limiting factors are, as a rule, water quantity, oxygen content and water temperature. When production is accomplished using recirculating systems the quantity of water available can be increased significantly by treatment of the water. Even species which prefer warm water such as pike, catfish, tilapia, eels and perch can be farmed throughout the entire year at constant temperatures.

This not only increases the productivity; it also optimizes the use of production resources, such as food, because the metabolisms of the fish can be stabilized under optimum conditions.

Generally, the design of a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) includes:
·Drum filter for mechanical filtration
·Trickling filter, moving bed filter or fluidized bed filter
·Biological cleaning of circulating power plant
·Denitration device
·Degassing unit for hatchery and recycling unit
·Ultraviolet and ozone water disinfection

The aeration air blower for fish pond culture is a necessary power source equipment to meet the needs of aquaculture and improve the economic benefits of aquaculture;
aquaculture principle 
The working principle:
The air blower in aquaculture, also known as air blower, is a kind of aeration equipment that releases tiny bubbles by compressed air in the aeration device arranged in aquaculture water, and then carries on mass transfer with water during the rising process of these bubbles, so that oxygen can be dissolved slowly into the water, so as to improve water quality.
At present, there are three commonly used blowers on the market: rotary blower, water ring blower, and the side channel blower
Application picture
Recirculating Aquaculture System 
The shell and impeller of the blower are made of die-casting aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of stable operation, safety, reliable insulation, no oil and pollution;
In our breeding process, the rational use of the aerator can not only prevent and reduce floating heads, but also improve the water quality, strengthen the water circulation of the pond, and promote plankton reproduction.
Other purposes of high-pressure aeration blower products for fish pond culture are: to send air into gas transmission pipeline, to send air into microporous aeration pipe or other aeration devices.

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