Dereike ring blowers introduction

2021-05-04 16:39
Ring blowers are a very good use and easy-to-carry ventilator, mainly from electrical energy to air kinetic energy. It is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, textile and other industries can be used. In the purchase of high-pressure blowers must pursue a high standard, high-tech, high-quality these three criteria, then in Dongguan can be achieved for you. Dongguan is a development of decades of history of the old enterprise, process quality are strictcontrol, and technical equipment and team strength is not to be underestimated. Our aim is to provide customers with "three high" products, so that customers enjoy the realreal use of high-pressure blowers. In the process we have also been constantefforts and improvement, the use of the most advanced technology to improve the high-pressure blowers, so that high-pressure blower slower to improve performance at the same time can bring more benefits to users.
Dongguan's design and manufacture using European standards, performance testing is also in accordance with the Asian mandatory CCC standards. Only strict requirements on their own, in order to break through more, do better. So we have always had like advanced countries to learn technology, and strictly in accordance with the standards to be strict with self-discipline, dare not have a trace of slack anywhere. The high-tech technology used by our high-pressure blowers is globally versatile, and we have developed a range of new blower products based on experience. We are also proud of the patented technology we have acquired, which is the result of the collaboration of the elite team. In the quality is also in accordance with the quality standards system testing, slightly substandard places we have to withdraw carefully, so every product produced is quality assurance.

Dereke ring blowers are used in e.g. woodworking machinery, destruction furnaces, dryers, hot air blowers, plastic separators, laminating, film machinery, textile machinery, grain elevators, breads, printing machines and machines for the refrigeration industry.

Dereike Intelligent M&E Equipment

Our's main products:Side channel blower,Turbo blower,High speed blower,Belt drive type blower,side channel blower,Anti-explosion blower,air knife,air filter,vaccum filter,muffler,pressure relief valve.etc.
And can be used in these applications:water treatment,central dust collection,biogas,automatic feeders,environmental protection,paper cutting,industrial machines,textile,and filling.


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