Maintenance of Air Blower

2022-09-23 11:25

Maintenance of Air Blower

air blower

1. The use of the environment should be kept neat, the fan surface to keep clean, the inlet and outlet should not be sundry. Periodically eliminate the dust and other debris in the fan and tube.

2. Can only be operated under the full condition of the blower, while maintaining the power supply capacity, voltage stability, strictly prohibited, the power supply line must be a dedicated road, should not be used for a long time to power the temporary line.

3. Wind turbine in the process of operation found that the fan has abnormal sound, high motor fever, Shell live, switch tripping, can not start and other phenomena, should immediately stop check. In order to ensure safety, maintenance is not permitted in the operation of the blower. Overhaul should carry out commissioning five minutes or so, to confirm that no abnormal phenomena of the power on the operation.

4. To supplement or replace lubricating oils and grease on the bearing in accordance with the use of environmental conditions (motor closed bearings do not have to replace lubrication grease during the lifetime of the service), in order to ensure that the fans in the process of good lubrication, refueling not less than 1000 hours/times, closed bearings and motor bearings, refueling with the ZL-3 lithium-based lubrication oil filled with the bearings inside and outside the ring 2/3. No oil shortage operation.

5. Fans should be stored in a dry environment to avoid the motor damp. When the blower is stored in the open air, it should have the rainproof measures. In the storage and handling process should prevent the blower bump, lest the fan be injured.


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