Never underestimate the variable frequency explosion-proof b

 Blower Technology     |      2019-11-12 18:30
Never underestimate the variable frequency explosion-proof blower, and pay attention to its installation
Working principle of frequency conversion explosion-proof blower
When the power supply is connected, the blower rotates. Because the impeller has a groove design, it will drive the air flow, so the air enters the pump body through the air inlet, and the air stirs in it. Each groove is pressurized in a whirlpool way, one by one, and finally forms a strong air flow energy, which is discharged out of the pump body through the air outlet for use.
Advantages of frequency conversion explosion-proof blower
1. Dual function of blowing and suction, one machine for dual use, can be used for vacuum absorption, blowing and conveying, and closed loop air circulation, etc.
2. Oil free operation, the output air is clean, because the blower operates on the input of electric power, and the internal parts do not have any parts with oil, so there is no need to worry about the problem of conveying air pollution, and no impurities will be produced.
3. The pressure is high and strong. Compared with centrifugal blower and medium pressure blower, the pressure is much higher. This determines the pressure problem that other blowers can not meet, and the volume is small, the sound is small, and will not cause noise pollution.
4. The pump body part is die-casting by hydraulic press as a whole, and the shockproof mounting foot base is installed, so the requirements for the mounting foundation are very low, and it can even operate normally without fixing the foot base.
Precautions for installation of variable frequency explosion-proof blower:
1. Check the inside of the shell and other shells to prevent tools or sundries left;
2. The high-pressure suction blower and the air duct are connected by hose (flexible material and non combustible), with the length not less than 200mm, and the pipe diameter is the same as the inlet and outlet dimensions of the high-pressure suction blower. In order to ensure that the hose does not twist or deform during the operation of the system, it should be installed with proper tightness. For the canvas hose installed at the suction end of the high-pressure suction blower, it can be installed slightly tight to prevent the suction of the high-pressure suction blower during operation and reduce the cross-sectional size of the canvas hose;
3. Ensure the horizontal position of the main shaft, and measure the concentricity of the main shaft on the motor shaft and the unevenness of the two ends of the coupling. The difference between the two axes is 0.05mm, and the difference between the two ends of the two axes is 0.05mm;
4. The steel bracket of the frequency conversion explosion-proof blower must be fixed on the concrete foundation, and the rubber damping pad must be added between the steel bracket and the foundation of the high-pressure suction blower. All frequency conversion explosion-proof blower and motor components are installed on the whole steel bracket, and the steel frame is installed on the damping pad at the top of the foundation, and the damping pad is the most Hao rubber plate with multi hole type;
5. The pipe diameter at the outlet of the variable frequency explosion-proof blower can only be increased and cannot be reduced. At last, the air outlet shall be equipped with insect proof net, and the rain cap shall be added when the air is inclined upward;
The above is today's talk about never look down on the frequency conversion explosion-proof blower, its installation matters must pay attention to all shared, hope to help you use this equipment in the future.