What is the spider air knife

2019-12-28 16:25

Dereike spider air knife is consists of spider arm (plastic air knives) and manifold, the material of main pipe is SS304 and outlet is flat design to make sure when the air comes out is still strong and good drying.

The spider arms are flexible nozzles, you can adjust the length as needed, the standard length is 400mm, 


What's the paxton arms?

Flexible nozzles dimension:

What's the paxton arms?



1. Spider air knife is consists of spider arms and manifold.

2. Material and outlet is flat design to make sure when the air comes out is still strong and good drying.

3. Material of main pipe is stainless steel 304, length can be customized.

4. Material of spider arm is Polyoxymethylene (POM), the available temperature range from -50 to 100 ℃,

enjoy a good wear resistance and temperature resistance.

5. Flexibility air outlet as much possible to close the bottle and provide better drying effect.

6. Installation of air arms are arranged as a ladder which can cove the bottle from top to bottom,

this appearance in accordance with the principle of fluid mechanics.

7. Spider arm is adjustable, length and quantity can be customized. Suitable for all kinds of bottles.

8. Compared with normal air knife, using spider air knife the sigle bottle blowing time is 3-5times higher

and frequency is 10-20 times more.



1. Design according to aerodynamics, lower air pressure and uniform speed.

2. Can bear 5kgf/cm2 pressure, air speed can reach 400m/s; Max temperature reaches 250℃.

3. Suitable size, save the space.

4. Reduce production costs and increase throughput.


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