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2022-04-20 17:18
The ring blower should be placed in a relatively stable place. The surrounding environment should be clean, dry and ventilated. The ring blower impeller should rotate in the same direction as the arrow on the fan cover. Regular maintenance and greasing of bearings at both ends, like general motors.
The filters and silencers at the inlet and outlet ends of the swirl pump should be cleaned timely according to the situation, so as to avoid blockage affecting the use. Strengthened rubber (or plastic) pipes should be used to connect the outlet of the swirl pump with the outside pipes. The motor runs directly, and the noise of the turbo blower is improved by adding an integrated sound pinning device, so as to achieve the effect of silence.
The reliability of the ring blower is high, and the machine can still operate safely when the service condition changes. Except for the impeller, the high-pressure blower has no other action, so its reliability is almost maintenance-free, and it uses precise lateral bearings with good heat dissipation. Therefore, it has the following advantages: high compression ratio, low operating temperature of bearings, long service life of lubricating grease, and maintenance-free.

The swirl pump is easy to install and can be installed and used at any time. It can be used for compressed air or vacuum pumping. It can also be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction arbitrarily. When the oil-free and pollution-free impeller rotates, it does not contact with any parts and is free of lubrication, so it can ensure pollution-free.
The pressure relief valve is often used in the swirl pump for pressure. It is a relief valve. When the pressure of the turbo blower exceeds the pressure set by the relief valve, the relief valve will automatically open and release the excess pressure, thus protecting the turbo blower. For dust, filters are often used.
According to different application sites, it often uses different filter elements with different filtering accuracy, and different filter elements have different maintenance methods and service life.

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