high-pressure fan

2020-06-09 21:24
The use effect of high-pressure fan is obvious to many users. Due to the use of high-pressure fan, the environmental quality in the site has been greatly improved, and people's production and life can also have a good and comfortable environment. In order to better guarantee the use of high-pressure fan, we need to pay attention to several points in use, the most common pressure and dust of high-pressure fan These two problems will have a significant impact on the use of fans, so it is very important to optimize these two problems. How to solve the pressure and dust of high pressure fan
Pressure problem is a common problem of high-pressure fan. The size of pressure will directly affect the effect of high-pressure fan, mainly considering the control range of pressure size. If the range of pressure size can be well controlled, the use effect of high-pressure fan can be guaranteed to a certain extent. For pressure, the relief valve is often used, which is a Unloading valve, when the use pressure of the high-pressure fan exceeds the pressure set by the relief valve, the relief valve will open automatically to release the excess pressure, which can also play a good role in protecting the fan.
Many places will produce a lot of dust. Whether the dust can be handled well or not will also become a factor affecting the use effect of high-pressure fan. If the dust phenomenon is very serious, it will lead to many implicated faults of fan. For dust, filters are often used. It often uses different filter elements with different filtering accuracy according to different use sites. Different filter elements have different maintenance methods and service life. It is necessary to select a good filter so that the filter can play a full role in protecting the fan effect.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that many places are relatively sealed when using the fan. When using the fan in such places, we must pay special attention to the heat dissipation of the fan itself, and do not cause greater environmental quality problems to the use environment.

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