Sewage treatment air blower use site case

2020-06-15 21:10
Sewage treatment air blower application installation site photos, this is Yanqing customer a wetland park equipped with 1.6kw blower, used for sewage delivery oxygen aeration, the use of dual-use one-in-one mode of work, because the overall area of the sewage tank is not large, and the depth is not too deep.
The construction party selects the small model, gives the corresponding parameters, selects the 2GH 510-H16 model. 
Because of outdoor use, air is not very clean, impurities are also many, so the air intake separately equipped with filters, outlet gas, installed with check valve, to avoid the use of power (two open one ready) air volume through the fan discharge, the second is also to prevent in the shutdown time, because of the pressure, sewage poured.

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