vacuum blower impeller

2020-07-20 10:08
The vacuum blower is also called vortex air pump, air ring fan, vortex fan, etc., whose English name is referred to as blower. Its working principle is to directly drive the front pump body through the rotation of the motor (customizable explosion-proof, frequency conversion, DC and other motors) and the rotor. The impeller, so that the air continuously passes through the principle of repeated compression of the internal pressurized blades, and finally achieves the purpose of increasing the outlet pressure, generating high pressure and air volume.

Because it works, the internal mechanical parts are like the formation process of the vortex. Its material is aluminum alloy die-casting, which greatly reduces the weight and achieves the purpose of lightweighting. The motor adopts the national standard motor and the fully closed external vacuum blower aluminum frame motor. Global 50HZ, 60HZ universal, special axis design, suitable for long-term use.
  The impeller is not in contact with any parts, and it is free of lubrication and maintenance. Its damage is only a bearing. Space saving, strong and durable, avoiding waste of space. The impeller inside the vortex fan is composed of dozens of blades. This blade is composed of blades with uniform size, curvature, and cutting degree. After precision processing by Mazak machine tools, the appearance is beautiful, the hardness is high, and there are no burrs. After that, after the balance test of the dynamic balancing machine, the balance accuracy of the concentric shaft is within 0.02 grams, and the running blade is free of vibration. The source of fan pressure and flow is mainly completed by it. Physical picture of vacuum blower impeller

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After being energized, the motor rotates and air is sucked into the pump through the air inlet. The air in the middle of the impeller blades is subjected to centrifugal force and will move to the edge of the impeller. Each blade is compressed and restarted in the same way from the beginning of the blade cycle. The circulating air flow generated by the rotation of the impeller will eventually leave the air pump for use with extremely high energy. In addition, there are double-impeller and three-impeller style fans, the pressure will be higher, and the flow loss will be smaller. It can be equipped with special motors such as explosion-proof motors, variable frequency motors, DC, etc. It has a compact structure, small size, light weight, low noise, and the air supply source is clean without any pollution.

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