Relevant Use of blower channel in Seasonal Aquaculture Indus

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-05 18:19
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In this period of changeable weather, rainy days are often the distress of farmers. Every rainy day, the weather will be stuffy, making the oxygen supply of aquatic products inadequate, and some aquatic products will die from lack of oxygen because of the lack of oxygen supply, thus causing losses, which is a major problem for indoor farms. At this time, the high-pressure fan will come into use. The high-pressure fan has the function of blowing and sucking, which can greatly improve the air replacement and oxygen supply in the pool.
In the process of oxygen replenishment, it is necessary to connect the gas pipeline with the blower port of the high-pressure blower, and the other end of the gas pipeline is connected with the bottom of the water pool. Several small holes should be drilled in the part of the water pool to check whether the gas pipeline outside the water pool will leak air, so as to ensure that the gas blown by the blower can reach the bottom of the water pool smoothly. The aquatic products are supplied with oxygen by sucking air from the outside world.
The problem of oxygen supply in aquaculture industry has been solved easily. A small blower channel can reduce a lot of losses in your aquaculture farm. As long as the blower channel can be used properly, it will bring you more than a little surprise.