What Can blower channel side Do for River Sewage Treatment

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-05 18:21
I can't imagine what blower channel side can do for river sewage treatment, you can't imagine, I can't imagine, because what we knew before is that high-pressure fan can provide air blast and oxygen for sewage treatment, which are all carried out in sewage treatment plants, directly in the river, but not yet. I remember last year I just saw the following news, which helps us understand. Next, the next Shoupu take you to see, video in 2 minutes and 20 seconds, blower channel side manufacturers for you to collate and provide!
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A year ago, he lived on fish farming, but now he sails out not to catch fish, but to clean the river. When he sees nylon bags in the water, he will pick them up.
Now the river is clear and green, but it wasn't like this two years ago. Photos taken last year showed that the river was covered with cages, bamboo poles, sticks and other fishing facilities.
Two years ago, this was not an isolated phenomenon in Zhejiang. There are more than 80,000 rivers in Zhejiang Province, with a total length of 130,000 kilometers. In 2013, the water quality of these rivers was generally slightly polluted. Fang Min, executive deputy director of Zhejiang Water Management Office, said: "The water problem is reflected in the river, but its root is on the bank." This root is the traditional way of development. Old Xin's original way of raising fish, although feeding himself and his family, has caused lake water pollution, but at the same time will not bring more income. To change water quality, it is necessary to change the traditional production mode of high consumption and high discharge. Fang Min said: "Only by taking water control as a key breakthrough in Zhejiang's transformation and upgrading of the'Combination Fist', can we really walk out of a new development path of'Green Water and Green Mountain is Jinshan and Yinshan'."
Taking the new road of development of "Green Water and Castle Peak is Jinshan and Yinshan" is to take the road of green development. In the 13th Five-Year Plan, it was pointed out that the ecological environment, especially the air, water and soil pollution, was serious and had become a prominent shortcoming for building a well-off society in an all-round way.