Performance comparison of vacuum pump or airblowers for engr

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-05 18:17
In recent years, sculpture machine manufacturers have tried to use airblowers one after another, the upper position is fast, once the use can reach a mature stage, we in the sculpture machine industry shipment is generally 4 kW two-stage, including 5.5 kW fans, 5.5 kW negative pressure sufficient circumstances, high-pressure fans enough wind, can be well matched with a larger area. The sculpture machine tool is 50cm in height. Some manufacturers can directly install it under the machine tool to reduce the area occupied. The principle is that the high pressure difference generated by the circulation compression of the wind blade is used to achieve the purpose of adsorption. There is no need for water, low noise, no consumable parts, convenient and efficient. We have sufficient stock and 10 years of technical clothing with fan experience. Business, as long as convenient, you can contact us at any time, even if not used, we will provide technical support.
Traditional vacuum pump
Lion song high pressure fan
Traditional vacuum pump
Huge, with water tanks
5.5KW Full Size 63Kg Within 500mm
Delicate, high-grade
German technology, perfect and flat casting, with NSK bearings, longer life
Add water, cool down, cold weather, ice and water change trouble
No consumables, convenient and efficient
Running in water, loud
60-75 decibels (built-in silencer)
Heavy, inconvenient to move
Like the nozzle, it can be installed inside or outside the machine tool in any way.
Full series negative pressure 360 mbar
5.5KW negative pressure up to 440mbar
Use environment
0-30 degrees Celsius, 50 Hz in China
- 20 to 40 degrees Celsius, Universal Voltage, International General Purpose, IP54
energy consumption
4 kW vacuum pump can be perfectly replaced by 5.5 kW vacuum pump, saving electricity and environmental protection