Application of Side Channel Blower: Engraving Machine

2022-03-18 16:52

Engraving machine dedicated side channel blower, engraving machine from the processing principle is a combination of drilling and milling processing, engraving machine of a variety of data input

so that the carving object can produce a lot of exquisite works, and laser engraving machine side channel blower, is specially designed for the characteristics of this equipment development and production, its suction, good firmness.

Moreover, the side channel blower of engraving machine has the advantages of low noise and low price, which is trusted and praised by many engraving equipment enterprises.

Engraving machine is divided into two categories: laser engraving and mechanical engraving, both of which have high power and low power.

Engraving machine dedicated side channel blower according to the size of the equipment, power, model and choose the corresponding matching engraving machine side channel blower, the fan has 1.5KW, 2.2kW, 3KW, 4kw, 5.5kW and other models for customers to choose, engraving machine by bed, control cabinet, shaft motor, engraving head, fan and other components,

where the fan is high-pressure vortex fan, because this fan is true The machine bed is equipped with many small holes to fix the target object. The small holes are combined into a main pipe and connected to the side channel blower for engraving machine. When the machine is started, the fan rotates to generate vacuum and absorb the object through the small holes.
The engraving work can be started. It is better to use a pressure relief valve to protect the service life of the fan.
Low power is only suitable for two-color boards, building models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts, etc. Because the power is too small, its application range is greatly affected.

High power engraving machine can be used for small power engraving machine. It is most suitable for large-scale cutting, relief, carving, etc., and the power of the supporting fan will also increase, otherwise the object will not be absorbed, which will affect the beauty and progress of carving.
In addition, during the operation of the engraving machine, some wastes will be produced. If the wastes are not removed in time, they will have a certain impact on the cutting objects.

Therefore, timely cleaning of waste has become an important condition to ensure the quality of carving products.
Generally speaking, the blowing function of side channel blower of laser engraving machine is used to clean or blow away the waste generated in the operation of engraving machine, so as not to affect the production.

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