Suction principle of Dereike side channel blower

2021-01-19 10:18

We have made a simple display effect device, which can intuitively display the suction / suction function of the blower. When the impeller rotates, due to the centrifugal force, the wind vane makes the gas move forward and outward, thus forming a series of spiral movements.

The air between the blades of the impeller is spirally accelerated to rotate, and the gas outside the pump body is squeezed into the side slot (inhaled by the suction port). When it enters the side channel, the gas is compressed, and then returns to the blade of the impeller to accelerate to rotate again.

When the air passes through the impeller and side slot along a spiral track, the degree of compression and acceleration of each impeller increases. As the rotation proceeds, the kinetic energy of the gas increases, which further increases the gas pressure along the side channel.

Whenthe air reaches the connection point between the side groove and the discharge flange (the side channel narrows at the outlet), the gas is squeezed out of the blade and discharged from the pump body through the outlet muffler, forming a high negative pressure or positive pressure; When the pipe is connected to the air inlet of the fan, high negative pressure (suction) is formed; when the pipe is connected to the air outlet, high positive pressure (blowing) is formed; in addition, customers can choose to configure muffler, filter, pressure relief valve and other accessories according to the use environment.

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