What is Dereike High Speed Centrifugal Blower?

2021-01-18 10:40

What is Dereike High Speed Centrifugal Blower?
High speed blower: as the name suggests, high speed, fast. It is also called high speed turbo blower. Under the design conditions, the air pressure of the high speed centrifugal blower reaches 50-290 mbar, the air volume is 85-6000 cubic meters per hour, the rotating speed is 18000-21000 rpm, and the air volume is three times that of the ordinary high-pressure blower.

Therefore, it is also named high-speed blower, and the use effect is more than 95%. High speed centrifugal blower is also called: High-speed fan, High-speed blower, turbine type high-speed blower, super fan, high-speed centrifugal fan, etc., but it is generally called high-speed centrifugal fan in foreign countries, because the fan uses the centrifugal principle to generate rotating mechanical energy and convert it into aerodynamic force with a certain pressure. The English name is mostly centrifugal blower.

 Dereike High Speed Centrifugal Blower

Working principle
The impeller shape of high-speed fan is like an obtuse cone. There are several spiral blades on the cone. When the fan impeller is running, the air will be "caught" by the spiral blades.
Under the huge centrifugal force brought by high-speed rotation, the air will be thrown into the gap between the high-speed fan impeller and the main body of the fan, so as to realize the compression of the air and produce a huge air volume. In the continuous optimization of performance and technology, the noise intensity and stability of the equipment are greatly improved. 


Technology origin

The earliest technology of high-speed turbine fan comes from the automobile turbocharger. Because the automobile turbocharger needs super large air for combustion and emission, I developed it for the purpose of boosting air flow.

The earliest high-speed turbine fan was developed in 1976 in Germany by referring to the principle of automobile turbocharger, and widely used in cleaning and drying equipment such as air knife drying, and was developed by Dereike and American sonic, Paxton and other companies to develop and promote the application. Dereike is also one of the earliest manufacturers to manufacture and promote super fans in China.

 Dereike High Speed Centrifugal Blower

Industry application
Electronics industry: circuit board (PCB), flexible circuit board (FPCB), liquid crystal display (LCD / TFT) and other products dehumidification / drying
Automotive Industry: removing oil / water from engine parts, removing dust / water from car body after coating and grinding, static suppression
Semiconductor industry: dewatering / drying of PBGA, FBGA, SBGA, TBGA, a-bga, CSP and other products
Food industry: packaged foods are dehydrated / dried, fruits are washed and dried, eggs are washed and dried
Metal surface treatment: water / oil removal, product drying, electrostatic suppression, coating thickness control
Beverage industry: bottled drinks, canned drinks and all kinds of packaged drinks are dehydrated / dried
Continuous coating industry: coating thickness control, moisture removal / drying, static suppression
Textile industry: coating thickness control, moisture removal / drying, electrostatic suppression
Tire and rubber industry: Moisture / oil removal, drying, electrostatic suppression
Coating thickness and oil removal
Pharmaceutical industry: water / oil removal, drying, gas delivery
Building materials: product drying, blowing water, blowing dust
Static electricity suppression in transportation of petrochemical and industrial products
Wire and cable industry: wire dehydration / drying, static suppression

Pipe industry: water removal / drying, static suppression
Civil Engineering: exhaust gas pumping and dust absorption
Medical devices: product moisture removal / drying

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