Side channel blower steering detection and adjustment

2022-06-02 14:20
When using side channel blower, many customers do not detect the fan steering. Of course, our side channel blower of Dereike brand are strictly tested before leaving the factory, and generally this problem will not occur. Checking the side channel blower steering is also a very important problem. If the side channel blower steering is wrong, it will lead to smaller parameters of the side channel blower, or it may damage the side channel blower.
side channel blower

Then how to check the side channel blower steering? Today xiaobian is necessary to take this problem as an example, so that we should pay attention to the side channel blower steering inspection should comply with the following points:
1. The specified motor rotation direction is marked by the arrow on the cover of vacuum pump and air compressor, which is marked on our fans.
2. The direction of gas transmission is marked by arrows on the inlet pipe joint and pressure nozzles.
3. Check whether the inlet pipe joint of the high-pressure fan and the pipe and hose on the pressure pipe are connected correctly.
air blower
4. Connect the equipment assembly for a while and then disconnect.
5. When the equipment assembly is about to stop running, compare the actual steering of the external fan with the steering specified by the shaft, in the same direction as the arrow.
6, if there is any installation error, professional and technical personnel must change the steering of the motor, so as to increase the service life of the side channel blower.
Generally do the above six points, then there is no problem with the side channel blower steering. If you have any special problems, you can call Dereike fan engineer at any time.

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