Installation environment and requirements of Dereike air blower

2022-06-02 14:16
Recently, there has been customer feedback, because they did not pay attention to the installation requirements of the fan, resulting in unnecessary losses. Today, xiaobian on the installation requirements of Dereike brand air blower is analyzed as follows:

high pressure fan
1. Installation place ------- must be installed indoors in a place free from wind and rain
2. The ambient temperature is -------40℃
3. Relative humidity ------- below 80%
4. Air quality ------- If the air contains acid, alkali and other corrosive or flammable gases, should not be transported by high pressure blower, in order to avoid danger
5. Dust protection ------- there is a lot of dust, powder three-dimensional or fiber and other places should avoid use, if you need to use in such occasions, please install filters, and regularly clean the dust attached to the filter screen and high pressure blower inside
6. Ventilation and heat dissipation ------- Please choose to use in a well-ventilated place, not in a closed room or a closed box
7. Storage space ------- for convenient maintenance or repair, please avoid installation in a too narrow place
8. Avoid vibration -------- please install in a place without vibration; If the site vibration is unavoidable, anti-vibration measures should be installed to avoid the damage of the high pressure blower caused by external vibration
Now we should understand some installation requirements, do a good job of air blower protection, pay attention to details, can also greatly extend the service life of air blower, save cost!

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