How to use annular explosion-proof air blower

2022-06-05 15:44
The explosion-proof performance of annular explosion-proof high-pressure air blower conforms to GB3836.1-2000 "Electrical equipment used in Explosive Gas Environment -- Part 1: General Requirements" and GB3836.2-2000 "Electrical equipment used in Explosive gas environment -- Part 2: Flameproof type "D", also in line with iec79-7, BS4683 and EN50018 provisions, made of flameproof type. The explosion-proof marks are Ex dI, Ex dIIAT4 and Ex dIIBT4, which are suitable for places where explosive gas mixtures exist.
air blower
Annular explosion-proof high pressure air blower features
1, with blowing and sucking double function, one machine dual use, can use suction, can also use blower;
2, less oil or no oil operation, the output air is clean;
3, relative to the centrifugal air blower and medium pressure air blower, the pressure is much higher, often more than ten times the centrifugal air blower;
4, if the pump body is overall die-casting, and the use of shockproof installation foot, then it is very low requirements for the installation foundation, and even can not fix the foot can operate normally, very convenient, but also very save the installation cost and installation cycle;
5. Compared with similar air blowers, the noise of their operation is lower, just like the ultra-quiet type vortex air blower launched by our company:
6, maintenance free use; Its loss parts are only two bearings, within the warranty period, basically do not need maintenance;
7, the mechanical wear of the vortex blower is very small, because in addition to the bearing, there is no other mechanical contact part, so, of course, the service life is very long, as long as it is under normal use conditions, 3 ~ 5 years is completely no problem;
8, easy to install, easy to use!
9, the whole use of aluminum alloy material, explosion-proof motor, friction will never produce sparks phenomenon, use more assured, explosion-proof performance is better.

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