Regenerative BlowerS structure

2020-07-20 11:45
The Regenerative blowers generates high pressure and strong air volume due to unique equipment. The internal gap is very small, and the air moves and rubs at a high speed inside, so it will generate a certain amount of heat.
The design and structure of the Regenerative blowers is very simple, that is, a brushless motor drives the rotation of the front impeller, thereby generating energy.
However, if you dissect it carefully, you will find that it is a very precise device. There are dozens of components in various sizes, and the connection and interaction between each part are all precise. So if the customer himself For maintenance, we generally do not recommend it, you can return to the factory or find a professional fan and air pump maintenance personnel to disassemble the machine for maintenance.
Detailed sectional view: please see the following picture (take single impeller as an example):

Regenerative blowers
There is no need to say more about the motor part. The components of the front pump body are: impeller, pump body, middle pump body, shaft sleeve, bearing, bearing bracket, gasket, oil seal, pump cover, muffler overall, base and several screws .
It can be seen that after these parts are combined, the size of the whole machine is also very small, but the energy is not to be underestimated, thanks to the high standards and high requirements of processing accuracy.
Because the main purpose of the Regenerative Blowers is to transmit gas, it is not allowed to enter the liquid. Because of the protection level and the tightness, once there is a large amount of liquid inside the fan, it will penetrate into all corners and the motor. There is not much problem with the liquid entering the fan pump head. Once the motor enters, it will be scrapped.

Is so cleverly designed, which is the result of continuous experience and technology accumulation by developers and users. Every product should be respected, and every device is the hard work of laborers.


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