Industrial-grade high-flow side channel blower

2020-05-21 18:59
The industrial-grade high-flow side channel blower is suitable for use in high-pressure air transportation or vacuum adsorption in industries, workshops, and workshops. Its main characteristics are relatively large flow, more air volume, and the same volume is much larger, and the pressure is more than other The pressure generated by the fan is much higher and belongs to the category of high-pressure transmission. The length and resistance of the pipeline are almost negligible.
Industrial-grade large-flow fan model \ parameters and pressure are as follows: combined with the curve diagram to choose according to need.

Model explanation: 930 is a single impeller, there is an impeller working inside, and the front pump body is narrow, so the air volume is slightly lower, but it is enough for a use environment of about 1000 air volume.
The 940 model is a double-impeller parallel working mode. There are two impellers working in parallel. The air volume generated is much more than that of a single section. The same volume will also increase. The main reason is that the width of the front pump body is increased and widened. .
The 943 model is the model with the largest air volume. The overall height (with air inlet and outlet) is more than 1 meter. Because of its size and design, it can only be used in a vertical installation mode, that is, the air inlet and outlet are facing upward. Photos can be used as a reference.
We are making glass microbeads ultrafine microbeads, the particles are very small, and the flow rate used for vacuum adsorption is also relatively large. Later, with the 940 25kw model determined by the sales, the use effect is quite good, but there is a little because of the particles It's too small, it's always sucked into the fan, it will have to be handled once after a long time, it's a little troublesome. .
Re: At that time, the model was selected according to the conditions and parameters you provided, so there should be no problem with the use effect. For the things that are always sucked in, you have a filter in front, but according to you, the particles are very small , It is recommended to add more layers of filtration or replace the density of the filter element, do it more finely, clean it often, and keep it smooth, because too much adsorption on the filter element will cause the suction force of the side channel blower to increase, and the particles adsorbed on the filter element Going inside the fan, the time is long, and it is naturally not good for the side channel blower.

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