blowers is used for the transmission of pure gas

2020-05-23 14:22
Blowers have the ability to transmit and circulate gas, and are generally used in laboratories, universities, and research rooms.
Yesterday, our sales staff received a call from a university in Beijing. The high-pressure fan was used as a carrier to transmit and filter the gas for subsequent experiments.
Knowing the specific use situation that can be used, the voltage is required to be a single 220v, and the flow rate is very small, not much, ranging from 1 to 100 liters of gas per minute, and I understand that the pressure is not much required and the resistance during transmission is also very small, so It can also be ignored, mainly because the filtered gas must be clean, the higher the purity, the better.
Through these circumstances, we recommend the smallest model to the customer. The flow and pressure parts are sufficient. Because the pipe configured by the customer is relatively thin, the larger model is not suitable, otherwise it will be overloaded and increase the burden. It is also not ideal.
And install high-efficiency air filters and pressure relief valves to ensure gas filtration and extra air discharge. Because the customer uses it, the flow rate is not fixed and there is a certain range, so the pressure relief valve must be installed. In order to ensure the long-term normal operation of the Blowers.

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