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2021-06-29 15:22
Wastewater Treatment Plants Save Energy and Maintenance Costs with Aeration Blower Inlet Filter Upgrades

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Energy efficiency and energy consumption are common terms in today’s wastewater treatment industry. Along with pumping, running blowers for aeration is the most energy consumptive part of the treatment process.
To reduce aeration energy costs, operators and engineers adopt better maintenance practices, consult with energy-use specialists, and quite commonly upgrade technologies and facilities. Among the most popular means of achieving better energy efficiencies is upgrading to modern or relatively new technologies like high-speed turbo blowers. However, many plants across the country find that upgrading aeration blowers isn’t always feasible. New blowers can have price tags in the hundreds-of-thousands, not including the cost of engineering and construction. Often overlooked, however, is a simple means of significantly reducing energy consumption: upgrading blower intake filters.
Optimized intake filters can save thousands of dollars annually in energy savings and may not require construction crews, engineering bids, or grant applications. The benefits can also be realized for treatment plants of all sizes. Described below are examples of three wastewater treatment plants that upgraded filters and came out ahead: a small rural operation with positive displacement (PD) blowers, a suburban plant using multi-stage blowers and a large urban plant that had already upgraded to airfoil bearing high-speed turbo blowers.

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