Blower debugging method

2023-12-06 09:41

Blower debugging method

Ring Blower boasts a complex structure, featuring key components such as the air inlet, damper, impeller, motor, and air outlet. It manifests distinct effects under varying operational states, demanding a nuanced approach to optimization through systematic debugging.

For Ring Blower initiation, the choice between full-voltage starting or step-down electric initiation is available. Notably, full-voltage starting results in a current approximately 5-7 times the rated current. Conversely, step-down starting torque is proportionate to the square of the voltage, making it a preferable option when grid capacity is limited.

During Ring Blower testing, careful scrutiny of the product manual is essential. Verify the alignment of the wiring method with the diagram and ensure that the supplied blower power supply meets voltage requirements. Attention should be given to the phase status of the power supply and the distributor component's capacity.

Conducting the test with a minimum of two individuals is recommended. One person manages the power supply, while another observes the blower's operation. Checks include confirming the rotation direction, balancing the running current of each phase, and ensuring it does not exceed rated limits. After five minutes of operation, a thorough check ensures the absence of abnormalities before full startup.

In testing a two-speed Ring Blower, initiate the low speed first, confirming the correct rotation direction. High-speed initiation should follow after the fan comes to a standstill, preventing undesirable reverse rotation that may cause switch tripping and motor damage.

Once the Ring Blower reaches normal speed, measure the input current, ensuring it stays within the rated current limits. Any deviation warrants an investigation into the supplied voltage for normalcy.

The motor power required for the Ring Blower, concerning full air inlet opening under specific working conditions, carries a risk of motor damage. During testing, it's advisable to close the valve on the blower's inlet or outlet. Gradual valve opening after operation ensures the operating current does not surpass the rated current.

Meticulously adhering to the outlined debugging method ensures the Ring Blower achieves an efficiency level of 98% or higher.


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