What should I do if the blower flow is insufficient?

2020-04-07 17:15

What should I do if the centrifugal blower flow is insufficient?

When the centrifugal fan is used, the flow rate is often too much or insufficient. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. If it is a large flow when the flow occurs during use, it is mainly due to the large and small resistance of the pipe network. It is gradually reduced during a long period of time or suddenly decreased in a short period of time, mainly due to pipe network blockage.


After the new installation of the fan, the reasons for the excessive or insufficient flow during the formal operation are as follows:


1. The actual value of pipe network resistance is too different from the calculated value. The general pipe network characteristic equation: P = KQ2, where K is the drag coefficient, if the actual value K is less than the calculation K, then the flow rate increases, and the flow rate decreases.


2. When considering the influence of the total pressure deviation ΔP of the fan itself, when the actual value of the fan is positive deviation, the flow rate increases, and when it is negative deviation, the flow rate decreases.


3. If the fan is started after the new installation of the fan or if the flow is too large or too small during use, it can be eliminated by one of the following methods:


(1) Controls the degree of opening and closing of the adjustment door.


(2) Increase or decrease the fan speed.


(3) Change the new fan with higher or lower pressure.


(4) Change the pipe network resistance coefficient K.


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