Dereike spider air knife spider mainfolds in air drying syst

2019-12-13 16:08

Dereike spider air knife spider mainfolds in air drying system


Dereike Spider mainfolds have several types, the longest we make is about 3m, however considering the transportation, usually we suggest 1m-1.5m.
The Spyder Manifold is the most effective system for drying tips, sides and under the rim of cans, bottles and jars,
as well as spot drying for hard to reach areas of industrial products or areas needing extra attention, such as holes .
Spider Manifolds combine inline nozzles with 'spider-like' arms that flex to any position to reach under and around to accommodate specific drying needs.
The spyder arms quickly adjust to different sizes and shapes, for multi-purpose lines.  


The gap of the plastic nozzle is 1.75mm, and width is 25mm

Air knife Nozzle Air knife factory




under the crown and the rim

hard to reach or hard to dry areas

adjustable for varying product and package sizes

prevents bacteria and corrosion under the lid


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