Which side channel blower works well

2020-04-07 14:12
Because the use of high-pressure fan is very extensive, because its selection is relatively complex. Generally speaking, the following two steps need to be followed: 1. It is necessary to determine what function the high-pressure fan is used on site, whether it is suction or blowing, and find out the corresponding pressure flow curve of the high-pressure fan; if the curve is wrong, sometimes the selected product cannot be used; 2
There are three main reasons why the high-voltage fan adopts soft start instead of direct start: 1. Direct start will cause large start current, small start torque and long start time, which will cause great harm to the motor and power grid 2. Direct start will make the temperature too high, heating speed too fast, temperature gradient and electromagnetic force too large, and shorten the stator
There are many points to be paid attention to in the design of high-pressure fan. Let me say: 1. The air temperature of blower changes. When the air flow is close to the closed state, the temperature will rise sharply, so we should pay special attention to the occurrence of this situation. If the temperature will rise, do not use the blower in the airtight room 2. Hard objects, dust, powder, fiber and
The time interval of centrifugal fan with start stop time interval is generally 3 minutes However, there are few centrifugal fans with the setting of this summary start stop time interval. Most of the start stop time intervals of centrifugal fans are controlled by the corresponding main control panel, rather than the fan itself. In this case, the start stop time interval is not necessarily Suggest finding
Low pressure and high pressure are determined by the area of your plant and the location you want to supply air. Low pressure fan P ≤ 980pa, medium pressure fan 980pa < p ≤ 2942pa, high pressure fan 2942pa < p ≤ 147100pa. This is the basic efficiency of low and medium pressure centrifugal fan. The air volume is also related to the air inlet, axial power rate and fan speed. If it is applied in the warehouse, it should be based on the warehouse's
side blower
Fans are widely used for ventilation, dust removal and cooling of factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; ventilation and induced draft of boilers and industrial furnaces; cooling and ventilation of air-conditioning equipment and household electrical equipment; drying and selection of grains; air source of wind tunnel and air cushion boat inflation and propulsion, etc. Working principle of fan and basic of turbine compressor
There are many brands on the market. Over the years, they still think that the vortex air pump is reliable and has low failure rate. You can compare the prices.
I think many companies in our industrial park are high-pressure fans of Derek. I'm very glad to answer your questions and wish you a good job
With the continuous development of economy, science and technology, the introduction of foreign technology, new technology. High pressure fan has been widely used in industrial equipment, equipment manufacturing, civil equipment and other fields 1. Textile equipment: high speed hosiery machine, cutting machine; coating thickness control and ensure uniform thickness, remove moisture, dry, spinning machine 2. Plastic auxiliary
Fans are mainly divided into three categories: axial flow fan, centrifugal fan and Roots fan. Axial flow fans and centrifugal fans are collectively referred to as low-pressure fans, and roots fans are high-pressure fans Generally, the maximum fan of axial flow fan and centrifugal fan is not higher than 20KPa, but the maximum wind pressure of Roots fan can reach 150kPa.
Fan is a kind of driven fluid machinery, which depends on the input mechanical energy to improve the gas pressure and send gas side by side. Fan is a common abbreviation for gas compression and gas conveying machinery. Generally speaking, fan includes: fan, blower, wind turbine. Gas compression and gas conveying machinery converts the rotating mechanical energy into gas pressure energy and kinetic energy
High pressure fan is also called vortex air pump and vortex fan. Its working principle is: when the impeller is rotating, because of the centrifugal force, the wind vane makes the gas move forward and outward, thus forming a series of spiral movements. The air between the blades of the impeller rotates spirally and pushes the air outside the pump body into the side slot (inhaled by the suction port), when it enters the side channel
Yes, this is an enterprise in Dongguan. High pressure fan is also called air ring pump. The impeller of the air ring pump is directly installed on the motor rotor, which is completely non-contact compression. Since the pump shaft is installed outside the compression chamber, even under the maximum pressure difference, it can ensure the large working reliability of the machine.

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