blower sweetwater 2.5 hp precio

 Blower Technology     |      2019-11-05 21:51
According to the working principle of blower sweetwater, different classifications can be divided into two types: impeller blower and constant capacity blower. The impeller formula, also known as vane or turbine type, transfers energy to the gas through the rotation of the impeller. According to the structure, it can also be classified into centrifugal, axial flow and other basic forms. The common centrifugal fans in the power plant are single-stage single suction far-core fans, single-stage double suction centrifugal fans and multi-stage single suction far-infrared fans; the common axial-flow fans are static variable axial-flow fans, single stage moving blade variable axial-flow fans, and tables with two pole moving blades variable axial-flow fans. 3. The capacity type is also known as the capacity type. According to the periodic change of the volume of the working room, the air that transmits energy can be divided into two types: reciprocating type and rotary type according to the different action modes. These common features are that the volume of the gas discharged in each operation cycle is certain, so it is called the rated capacity type air blower. According to the structure, rotary type can be divided into screw type, sliding type and rotary type. Roots blower is commonly used in power station. According to the working pressure (total pressure) of the fan, the fan is classified: under the design conditions, the rated pressure range of blower sweetwater is p ≤ 1500, fan: working pressure range is 150000pa < p < 350000pa, compressor: working pressure P ≥ 350000pa, or gas compression ratio is greater than 3.5.